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Styles of Yoga Classes

Choose to experience one style of class, or a combination that fits you personally, for your private session.

Nirvana Yoga
with: Elle Anandi

Elle's specialty class, based on traditional, multi-level styles of Yoga she has been taught in ashrams: meditative, balanced, with emphasis on mindfulness of breath in the postures. Roots of the practice are deep in classical Hatha Yoga, from the Sivananda Yoga "family tree" and ancient texts. In addition to postures, experience traditional pranayama (yogic breathwork), chanting (mantras), deep relaxation, and silent meditation — the Yoga: union of body-mind-Spirit, the path to Nirvana ...

Yoga Fundamentals
with: Cashel B. Swift

Focus on the foundations of yoga: benefits of breath, alignment, being, and how this can be applied to life. Content of the class depends on YOU. Go deeper into comfort in your alignment in the postures, by riding the breath cycle with the mind.

Kundalini Yoga
with: Elle Anandi (Ranjit Kaur)

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is an active, wholistic system of Yoga: dynamic postures, pranayama, hand postures, and meditations. Chanting & mantras are an integral part the Kundalini Yoga style. All levels will enjoy this simple & energizing practice!
Kundalini Yoga Therapy is also offered as a personalized course of practice: Sessions include counsel and instruction; continuing support for 40-days includes two more private sessions & weekly check-ins via phone or e-mail. Contact for more options: elle @ nirvana - yoga . com

Therapeutic Yoga/Restorative Yoga
with: Elle and/or Cashel

In this deeply relaxing and healing practice, we offer customized practices for your individual needs. Work with one of us, or both to learn supported yoga poses that address physical comfort & provide emotional healing. Restorative postures are held longer, as you are aided by pillows, cushions, and blankets for maximum comfort. Very meditative. Best to have sessions in your own home to learn to use what you have to create the poses for daily practice.

Family Yoga
with: Elle

Parents & children practice yoga together in this fun class. Classes run 30-40 minutes - or shorter depending on the attention span of little yogis! Public classes are appropriate for most children of school age, joined by at least one parent. Children of any age are welcome for private family classes in the convenience of your own home.


Kundalini Yoga, Intro Classes, Easy Yoga, Sivananda, Integral Hatha Yoga, Yin, Gentle, and Chair yoga - instruction by Appointment

Practice in the privacy & convenience of your home or other suitable locations, in Virginia & surrounding areas.

$108 / hour
$125 / 75 minutes
$150 / 90 minutes

Generous discounted packages available for multi-session commitments.

E-mail Elle at om @ for more information & scheduling.

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