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BREATH rebirthing breathwork is LIFE

Inhale, Excel  

Yogic breathing techniques - pranayama - can be learned during your Yoga class as a beginner; Advanced Pranayama instruction is available for seasoned practitioners.

Learn To Breathe Energy!  

Holotropic Breathwork is a simple guided breathing technique that clears the emotional body as well as the physical body of pain, old beliefs and patterns, guilt, and more. It is also called Conscious Energy breathing, as with practice you learn to breathe energy along with air. Also it is refered to as Rebirthing, as it can clear birth trauma through healing the first breath; and it has been called by Eastern Yoga Masters as the "American Pranayama".

Sessions last about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on how deep you go into the practice and how much discussion you would like. You will be breathing at least for 1 hour, but it can continue as long as you like. It is a good idea to meet in your home so you do not need to drive; or another private location.

Ten sessions are recommended -- that is average amount of guided rebirthing sessions it takes to completely clear the most gross, stuck energies in the body from this lifetime, so that you can get past what holds you back! It is typical that you will be able to take yourself through your own rebirthing breathwork practices after this many guided sessions.

First Session: $108*
Three-session special: $270
Ten Sessions: $650 - $850*
* Breathwork sessions are always offered on a sliding scale and generous packages are available for those wanting to go through 10 or more sessions.

Contact me at om @ to ask all the questions you like & to schedule appointments. Namaste!

In addition to her Yoga teaching experience, Elle Anandi has been healing herself with Rebirthing/Conscious Energy Breathing since 2010, and has studied this breathwork & spiritual psychology with Leonard Orr since 2011. She became a Certified Rebirther serving as a long-term staff Breathwork Trainer, seminar leader, and Yoga teacher at the Rebirth International Training Center (Inspiration University) in Virginia for Leonard's own 9-day & 3-week professional trainings. Breathing energy is the Maha Yoga - breath is Life. DISCOVER IT

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