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NIRVANA chandra bindu    REIKI

energy healing therapy

Reiki is a hands-on, natural healing modality using universal energy. Reiki promotes healing, reduces stress, relaxes and renews, relieves pain, and can provide you with a spiritual space to meditate.

As a receiver, you remain fully clothed and sit on a chair or lie down on a table. The treatment consists of a series of hand positions on the body, and usually held still. You may also request a hands-off/no-touch treatment.

Your first full session will last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your needs and includes discussion about your experience. The cost of the initial full treatment is $75; follow-up treatments can be shorter or longer, and tailored to your desires as well as your budget, for $1/minute. Sliding scale and package rates, as well as interesting trades are also available. You may also ask for some Reiki during your private Yoga class or Rebirthing session.

Healing treatments are available at our massage studio in Sonoma, or in your home anywhere in California. Also, Reiki can be administered via distance treatments.

Contact me at elle @ or call me at 540/ 255.7664
if you have any questions and to make an in-person or distance appointment for Reiki.


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